2021 Year in Review

This year I attended a workshop with @ness_labs to look back on 2021 and plan for 2022. I found the workshop both inspiring and invigorating.  It helped me stop and reflect, and encouraged me to celebrate my achievements even if they were small.  One thing I have learned this year is how important small moments are.  Stopping to look around and notice the birds, or focusing on my breathing for a few moments have helped me stay present during another difficult year of lockdowns.  If you can find the time during this hectic season, take a moment and think about what your achievements are this year.  Some highlights for me:

1. I created more mindful moments in my day
I thought about my practice and how much time I had each day and realised most days I don't have as much time as I would like to meditate.  Instead, I have small pockets of time.  I created several short meditations of up to 5 minutes that I could do at different times of the day.  When I wake up each morning I do a short 3-minute welcome to the day meditation; while I am waiting on my computer starting up I do a 4-minute ready for work meditation that involves focussing on my breathing and some affirmations.  At lunchtime I sit for 10 minutes either meditating or watching nature outside.  Before bed, I have time for a 10-minute wind-down.  I don't always fit all of these in, but I usually find time for at least one.  My goal next year is to try and fit at least two of these into my daily schedule.

2. I integrated more movement into my mindfulness
At the start of the year, I injured my hip, movement was extremely difficult and I was in a lot of pain.  As the injury started healing I realised gentle movement was incredibly healing.  With the help of my physio I developed a gentle movement routine that allowed me to get my joints and muscles moving again.  As I had to take care of my injury each movement had to be very mindful.  This led me to focus on the mind-body connection and how interconnected they are.  I experimented with my mindfulness practice to incorporate more movement and to spend the time focussing on my breath as I gently stretched out the area.  I surprised myself with how much I was enjoying moving and focussing on my breath.  My goal next year is to continue to develop this relationship and develop my movement therapy.

3. I started training as a mindful hypnotherapist
As I developed my mindfulness practice I realised I wanted to develop my training further.  The college I trained as a mindfulness coach has a programme that allows me to develop as a mindful hypnotherapist.  Earlier this year I started my training and am absolutely loving it.  I am currently working towards my diploma in hypnotherapy.  My goal next year is to qualify and incorporate hypnotherapy into my mindfulness business.

Whatever your accomplishments this year, please take the time to celebrate your successes.  2021 has been another difficult year.  Here's hoping 2022 is brighter for everyone.