Watch your words

This week make an effort to notice your language.  The words we use don’t just disappear into thin air they have a lasting subliminal effect on ourselves and others.  The more negative language we use, the more negativity resounds in our subconscious.  Think of your words as though they are food, you want to feed your subconscious health words. 

Try these methods to increase the positivity in your language.  
1. When you feel as though you are about to criticise someone or something - stop.  Think about the impact of your words and ask yourself if there is any positive outcome in saying the negative things.  Resisting the urge to criticise will increase your self-esteem.
2. Put a positive spin on things, instead of saying don’t be late change it to let’s’ be early.  The subconscious will register this as a positive thought.
3. Gradually try to replace as many negative words in your speech as you can (can’t, won’t shouldn’t) with positive alternatives.

Start feeding your mind with positive words and see the encouraging impact this has on your emotions and actions.